simplynicolejoy is about embracing positivity in every area of your life! 

Hello there...

I am Nicole Joy McCoach, & #simplynicolejoy is part of me. It feels so weird to be talking about it & to be making it so "official" because I still feel like its just an idea inside my head. I can't really put into words what simplynicolejoy really is, but what I can tell you is that it is a movement of people joining together to chose positivity in all aspects of life. From fitness tips to Bible verses, this brand is centered around positivity.


My blog has been a place where I love to get to share ideas & things I have been learning in all areas of life. From fitness tips to spiritual realizations, it's all on there!


I create vlogs where I take you around my world & talk about requested topics! I also create some more topical videos on wedding planning & health. 


All of my beauty & skincare is from the company Senengence! You can shop online here to try it for yourself.