The 6 First Steps to Creating Your Wedding


Hello Bride to Be!

Wedding planning is a wild time, let me just tell you that! Surprisingly, I was not one of those brides who had everything planned before she got engaged. I obviously had some ideas, but nothing was even close to being decided on.


  1. Talk about budget. It is hard to have to talk about money right in the beginning, but honestly, the more comfortable you get talking about it, the easier it gets. Talk to whoever you need to in order to at least get an idea of what you want.
  2. Make a wedding Google Drive folder. Google Drive is a way of life for me because I always used it in school. It is a great way to collaborate with people. So get on and start a spreadsheet for your budget to get ready for step 3!
  3. Research some budget breakdowns. Here are some good links for some guidelines: 1 & 2. Take your budget approximation & divide it into those categories. Even though it is still vague, try to make sense of the numbers.
  4. Prioritize.Okay, by this step you may already be feeling overwhelmed & thinking..."Is $200 enough to pay a DJ?" or "How much does a cake even cost?" Remember that this day is about you & your fiancé sharing your love with your loved ones! So, talk with your fiancé about what really means a lot to you, & what doesn't! Try to adjust your budgets according to those decisions.  For example, Connor & I both decided that we want to not have to make serious cuts in the guest list & we wanted to get the venue that we really loved. We did both think that we didn't have to put as much money towards cake, plates, or rings (Connor already bought my band with my engagement). 
  5. Make a mood board. A mood board is a way to show ideas that you like & create a color scheme. I made this really simply in inDesign, but you can also make one in Canva or even just in PowerPoint or Word. I inserted our mood board below.
    • I would recommend taking a few photos that you both really love from Pinterest.
    • Then, come up with a few words that you think best describe the "vibe" you are going for. Honestly, when I first talked to Connor about these words, he didn't even really know what they meant. But as the planning has progressed, it is making even more sense.
    • Decide on a color scheme. There should be a natural theme that comes out from the photos you chose. For us, we had to decide between grey & violet or navy & blush. We honestly both just liked the navy & blush better, so then we chose some other colors to supplement the main two colors.
    • I created a wedding logo to be included on out future designs. I had compiled some designs on Pinterest for inspiration & I showed Connor some of them. He really liked one similar to this one, & we ended up loving the simplicity of it.
  6. Look for potential venues & compile information. I was looking into historic venues to be able to have a white tent wedding or a wedding on a farm property. I didn't love the idea of a barn wedding, but depending on what the outside options were, some could have been a possibility. Getting pricing from venues normally requires an email, so make sure to contact promptly & understand what is all included. Then try to make a pro/con list for each venue. This way, when you visit the venue, you know what to ask & you can go in with an idea of what you are looking for. Ultimately, Connor & I had one weekend to come home & see venues. We had 4 to see. We went to our favorite venue & we said yes to it without even seeing the remaining two venues!

I hope this helps some of you soon to be brides! I know when I started this journey, I tried to find some tips but none of them seemed that practical. Let me know if you have any questions or what you want part two of this series to be focused on!

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