HEY HEY HEY... let's start 2018 out with taking care of our skin! since I started taking better care of my skin at the end of 2018, I wore less makeup & I was more confident! (plus, I'm sure when I'm 50 I will be thanking myself for starting early!)

I want to take you through some of my skincare items that I love! It may seem like a lot at first, but when you gradually change your routine for your skin type, you find a sweet spot of what products to use & when!

For reference, my personal skin type is oily in the summer, then combination in the winter. The winter months make dry patches appear on my cheeks or around my nose right after cleansing, but normally my T-zone is still oily. 

Also, you can view our Beauty Book for more specific information!



Here we go, let's jump into the products! Always feel free to personally message or email me to talk about your specific skin concerns & we can figure out a routine for you!


SeneGence has 4 skin types that it has products catered to:  dry, normal to dry, normal to oily, & acne. Also, the skincare has our SenePlex Complex in it! This is an agent that helps increase overall skin vitality! (more info)

This may be a lot of products to think about, so I have listed the top 5 products to start out with at the end of the post!

3-in-1 CLEANSER: 

This cleanser is made in 4 formulations. Each one is different to cleanse for the specific skin types. I use the normal to oil because it cleanses & has charcoal to help exfoliate!

Helpful for: daily cleansing, fighting breakouts (more info)


One of my all time favorite products. Vitamin C is great for your skin at any age of life! This serum has vitamin C packed in balls that burst when rubbed into your skin.

Helpful for: large pores, discoloration, acne scarring, sun spots (more info)


Climate Control helps to balance the hydration level in your skin while keeping it dewy & plump. Unlike other thick creams, Climate Control is a spray liquid that instantly soaks into your skin without feeling heavy or oily.

Helpful for: any skin type, moisturizing, oily skin, dull skin (more info)


The Dark Circle Under Eye Treatment is great for those of us who do not get as much sleep as we should! the darkness in our under eye area is due to a build up of blood & thin skin that is showing the build-up through it. This eye treatment helps to combat both of those while thickening the skin & breaking down the build-up. 

Helpful for: dark undereye, puffy eyes (more info)


Our eye cream is the BEST!! It goes on smoothly & hydrates while fighting wrinkles. The difference between the two is that the Eyeluminator is the eye cream + our pearlizer (highlight). I use the regular eye cream at night, then the Eyeluminator in the morning with my tinted moisturizer for a quick look. It really illuminates your under-eye to hide dark circles. 

Helpful for: wrinkles, eye dryness, puffy eyes, (more info: eye cream / eyeluminator)


This is a classic staple product for anyone's skin. Available for the 4 different skin types. 

Helpful for: moisture (more info: daytime / nighttime)


This oil is filled with triglycerides that help your skin to soothe skin & retain the moisture. Nangai oil is the solution to so many skin issues from redness to acne. People use this all over from chapped heels to their lips!

Helpful for:  redness, anti-aging, skin plumping, moisture, acne, minimizing pores (more info)


Packed with marine collagen, copper, zinc, & caffeine, this night treatment seals in all of your other products & repairs your skin overnight. It is applied with the brush in upward strokes. This is a product unlike anything on the market!

Helpful for:  anti-aging, skin plumping, moisture, overnight treatment (more info)


This light exfoliator is best used on clean skin to remove dead skin to reveal a new layer of fresh skin. With nangai oil & volcanic ash, your skin will have a luminous glow afterwards. Best used twice a week!

Helpful for: dead skin, cleansing, anti-aging, exfoliation, sensitive skin (more info)


This intense exfoliator is grittier than the polishing exfoliator. This is amazing for oily skin that has texture & large pores. It really smoothes your skin & tightens your pores.  The nangai oil soothes while the walnut shells & volcanic ash works to exfoliate. My skin has never felt softer than after I use this product!

Helpful for: dead skin, cleansing, anti-aging, exfoliation, large pores (more info)


If you haven't tried this product, you need to! It provides your skin with great hydration & conceals redness all while feeling weightless. Plus, it actively helps to reduce sun & age spots. I love this for everyday because it covers so much, but just looks like my skin. 

Helpful for: redness, moisture, color correcting  (more info)


I have tried a ton of self tanners, & this one is by far the BEST. It is a mist that goes on clear. It doesn't smell, stain your clothes, or make you orange. You simply spray on, & the tan will develop in about 10 hours (I do it overnight). I have loved this because its so easy & the tan looks so real!

Helpful for: skin renewal, self tanner, bronzer (more info)


Lashes are so trendy right now, but who has time to wear falsies every day! Make your real eyelashes longer by using this serum morning & night. Lashes will appear 25% longer/thicker in just 2 weeks. My lashes have gotten so much longer & thicker, I will never go without it.

Helpful for: eyelash growth (more info)


The key to plump & full lips is HYDRATION! Other lip plumpers may work for 1 hour then wear off. Our LipVolumizer is about hydrating from the inside out. Most people apply at night to let it soak overnight. Increases fullness up to 20% & moisture up to 50%... your Lipsense will last so much longer & look better!

Helpful for: moisture, lip volume (more info)



Depending on your skin types or the type of problems that you want to address, there are products for you!

I know it sounds like a lot of products, but starting with just a few to integrate into your routine. Since using all of this skincare for the past 4 months, my skin has changed. It is more radiant & plump than ever!! Always feel free to email me or message me about any items you are interested in!

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Nicole Benzio