5 Ways to Increase Collagen Production


is it just a fad?

COLLAGEN is such a hot topic in both the health & beauty market! It is something that we all have & we all probably need to help supplement it! Collagen is in our hair, skin, nails, muscles, joints, eyes. 65% of our body is collagen, but as we get older, we cannot convert our collagen fast enough to nourish our bodies. Starting around the beginning of 2018, I started incorporating these 5 habits into my daily routines & I have noticed an overall difference!

DISCLAIMER: There is a lot of science that goes behind our collagen production that will not be covered in this post, so I encourage you to do some of your own research or talk to your doctor about it!



so, what is it?

I love this infographic from Perfect Keto because it breaks collagen down in terms that are easy to understand. Collagen is such a widely beneficial protein for so many processes in our body. It honestly makes us more beautiful from the inside out.

Collagen has numerous benefits including: improving skin's radiance & preventing aging, stronger hair & nails, cushioning joints, nourishing bones, helping in muscle gain, & preventing some pretty serious health issues like Alzheimers & heart disease. 

There are so many amazing resources from doctors, dietitians, & other professionals that can walk you through exactly how collagen is made, consumed, & what issues you may be facing. I encourage you to do some more research to see how you want to benefit from increasing your collagen production! I have linked some great resources throughout this post & at the bottom to browse.


The 5 things that I have been doing to increase the collagen in my body. It started when I started having pain in my knees from working out. I have always experienced ankle pain, but now that I was having knee pain, I knew I wanted to help it without just taking Advil. So I started researching ways to increase elasticity & reduce pain during impact. The fact that it also would help my skin, hair, & nails was just a plus!

1. Take a Collagen Supplement

This is a huge one for me because it is actually being digested into my body! I found the two types of collagen that I love on Thrive Market . Normally, a plain collagen protein powder is tasteless, which I actually love! I put mine in smoothies, but you can also put it in water, tea, coffee, or even bake with it! There are so many recipes & ideas online. 

I also use a chocolate coconut protein powder (because doesn't that just sound amazing?). I love to mix this with a chocolate almond or nut milk for a meal replacement that tastes like a real milkshake! I will also add a banana or some cold brew concentrate for an extra kick. 

2. Dry Brush Your Skin

Dry Brushing has been an ancient treatment to exfoliate and stimulate your lymph. It has been proven to help collagen production, stimulate blood flow, & even help with the appearance of cellulite. 

This is something that is very inexpensive (you just have to buy a brush, they are under $10) & easy to do from the comfort of your own home! It is done when your skin is totally dry, & you will want to brush always towards your heart. I start at my feet & brush up in sections. Your skin should be pink at the end because it is being stimulated!

3. Use Skincare that Stimulates Collagen 

This is something that I thought I wouldn't have to think about until I was about 30... but honestly, I am already seeing my skin on my face start to become thinner & less plump! In October 2017 I started using a skincare line that has a kinetic enzyme (the SenePlex Complex) that helps to increase collagen production by 168% over a 4 week period. Yes, you heard that right! I am happy to say that all of my makeup & skincare is now working 24/7 to increase my skin's collagen production so that way I can keep my skin glowing & plump without showing signs of aging.

This is the company that I work for (Senegence), so I would for you to try some of the products out & upgrade your skincare routine! You can read a little more about some of my favorite products in our line here

4. Start Facial Rolling

This is something that I kept seeing influencers that I follow talk about & I had to try it for myself to really see the full impact of the process. As it is an ancient wellness tool, jade rollers or other gemstone rollers have been used for years to help drain the lymph & increase collagen production. I now work for Jade Roller Beauty & I have loved to see that so many spas are integrating these tools into their practices, but it is also something that the client can perform on themselves at home. 

Facial rolling helps to relieve tension, de-puff, brighten skin, & so much more. It almost feels like an at home massage, which I am ALL about. 


5. Cut out Sugar

This tip can probably help just about anything with your body. Sugar is probably my biggest weakness when it comes to being healthy. I have always had a major sweet tooth, & it is hard for me to avoid a sweet snack. But, sugar does a lot worse things than make you store fat. Sugar actually attaches itself to the collagen proteins in a process called Glycation. It inhibits the collagen from keeping our cells plump & flexible. (This is another great resource to read more about it.)

So, what do you think? Can you integrate some of these habits into your routine to refresh & rejuvenate your skin? I would love from you!

ADDITIONAL LINKS: Dr. Axe / Healthline / Collagen Complete



Nicole Benzio