Hello hello lovely ladies!

Even though leg day is trending right now in the fitness world, we cannot forget about our arms (& back)!! Even though its going to be winter & your arms will not show as much, this is the perfect time to work on toning them & building the muscle. 

Also, sometimes my legs are just exhausted. Either from spinning, running, or just standing (lol), your legs sometimes need a break & you have to give some attention to your arms. So, I wanted to put together a little workout of my 5 favorite arm moves that are more unique. I hope that some of these are new to you & you can incorporate them in your workout!

Some of you may be thinking, "but, Nicole, I don't work out..." Guess what?! Totally okay!!

This quick workout should take about 15 minutes when you get the hang of it & you should be on your way to toned arms instantly! 


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Nicole Benzio