HELLO HELLO! So the health & fitness world has recently been talking about the benefits to both collagen & beets. As I read more & more articles, I thought about trying it myself. I love the collagen because it is TASTELESS!! So really you can add it to any smoothie for some extra goodness. The beets don't taste as "bad" as I thought. The fruit really helps to neutralize & I am used to it now. 


The major pros to collagen protein is that it breaks down a lot slower in your body than a classic whey protein would. This keeps you fuller for longer. I often would feel bloated after having a whey protein shake because it was digesting way too fast. Collagen is also great for the elasticity & strength in your bones, hair, & skin. (Read this article for more information)


Beets are a superfood that are low in calories but high in amazing nutrients for your body. From improving gut health & brain function to extending your energy, beets are a powerful food that you should try to incorporate into your diet. Some people even swear by taking beet juice shots in the morning instead of coffee because it is a healthier way to wake up their body! I saw the amazing benefits & figured I could add this to my morning smoothie! (Read this article for more information)




I buy my powders from Thrive Market. I heard about this from an influencer I follow & I love their business model. It's almost like a wholesale membership, online! The founders believe that healthy & nutrient dense foods should not be inaccessible to people have a tight budget. Click this link to get 25% off your first purchase!!


Thank you so much for watching, & let me know if you recreate this smoothie!!

Nicole Benzio