I am so excited to finally be posting this post! SO many people ask me about how I do my hair. I have always had thick, naturally wavy hair that has barely any style. 

Connor (my now fiance) bought me an Instyler for Christmas. I was honestly shocked because I never told him about wanting one. But he says that I was watching a Youtube video one day & mentioned that I wanted one! So here I am, swearing by this product. 

Because of the rolling barrel that heats both sides of your hair, your curls seem to stay for longer & remain more volumized. Plus, it helps to straighten/defrizz my hair. So when I travel, I do not have to bring a straightener & a curler. I just have to bring my Instyler. 


Thank you for visiting & watching!! Let me know if you get an Instyler or any of my fave products!

Nicole Benzio