Emily's Brunch Bridal Shower


This past weekend was one of my beautiful friend's bridal shower! If you know Emily, she loves donuts & bacon, so we planned a shower all around those two things! IMG_0011


There was an amazing array of food at the shower. We had fruit, eggs, bacon, muffins, scones, deviled eggs, waffles, donut skewers, & even a donut cake! For drinks, we had lemon water, lemonade, tea, & coffee. It was the perfect brunch where you could have it all!



Emily's dad had built this amazing waffle bar that was a perfect addition to the decor! We had the most amazing time at her shower and it was so fun to see everything come together!



I was in charge of games for the shower, so I went straight to Pinterest! Rachel, Emily's sister, had also picked up this gift bingo from the dollar section at Target! Each guest fills out the spots with what they think the bride will unwrap & the first one with bingo wins! This was a super fun, but easy, game to incorporate!


I saw this game & I instantly knew it would be a good one to play because Emily was the cutest chubby baby! So I reached out to their moms & got photos of both Kyle & Emily.

I really liked this game because it seemed to be unique, and it was a game that people could play on their own time, then the answers were revealed towards the end of the shower!



The second game is a bridal shower classic! The true test of marriage is revealed if the bride to be can guess what her future husband said about them!


You can buy different printable games online, but I wanted to design my own graphics because it made it more unique to the event!


The shower was so much fun! I hope you can incorporate some of these ideas into a future shower that you will be planning!

If you don't already know, I have been vlogging recently!! I have a vlog all about the bridal weekend that you can watch right here! To go to my YouTube channel, just click the video or click here.



Most of these photos were taken by my extremely talented friend, Kylee! Check out her on Instagram or look at her website.

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