Our Engagement | His Story

We are back here again with another part of our engagement story! I was so curious to hear the backstory behind getting the ring and planning the proposal. Connor was so sweet to write everything out to share with you all about everything that led up to the amazing day!

Connor's Story:

So, Nicole has already posted her side of the story and now I would like to tell you a little bit about the story from my perspective. Mine’s more interesting because I have all the details and behind the scenes work you may be curious about.

The First Date:

The journey all began at Rivermont pizza late fall of 2015. I was a sophomore and she was a junior. We had been dating for about a month, but had not gone on an official date since most of my weekends were filled with college hockey as I was doing volunteer for the schools Division 1 hockey team. We finally had a free weekend and we decided to spend it at Rivermont pizza.

That was the best last first date ever. I actually had this weird feeling inside after leaving this date. Something told me that this seriously would be my last first date ever. On my way back to my dorm that night, I decided to text my mom just to fill her in on my newly aqquired girlfriend. In that conversation I decided to tell her “I’m 99.99 percent sure that this will be the last girl I ever date.” She, of course, thought I was crazy then, but now here I am, currently writing a blog post about getting engaged to that girl I took to Rivermont pizza in 2015.

The Ring:

My story starts at Christmas break of 2016. I had come home and told my parents that I wanted to marry this girl, but I knew the first step was finding a ring.. We had talked together about marriage before and it was not a weird thing for us to openly discuss our wants for the future. She openly would discuss her wants for her engagement ring. Now, lucky for me, Nicole is also great at saving things on Pinterest that she sees and really likes. I knew that she loved rose gold so that would be the band color. She then over time proceeded to find out about a gemstone called morganite. Morganite is most commonly used as an accent stone in jewelry and is not typically a centerpiece for an engagement ring. When I looked up what morganite was, both on the Internet and her Pinterest board, I was very pleased with what I saw. This stone fit her style so well and it also would be a nice fit for my budget. Morganite is much cheaper than diamonds and I was not one to complain about her interest in this stone.

The looking process then began and it was all becoming so real. I knew what I was looking for and also what I was willing to spend. She had planted plenty of seeds that she wanted a custom made ring from Etsy because that was the only place she found morganite rings that she liked. I love Etsy and all, but I was not about to buy an engagement ring from Etsy, that just isn’t how I saw this going. So I contacted a family friend who once owned his own jewelry company and had helped my mom pick out the perfect ring for her wedding anniversary when my dad offered to buy her a new ring setting. He worked with me in finding the perfect ring through Stuller Jewelers. Stuller is a company that has been around for a long time and has some extremely high reviews for their high quality rings. He was very easy to work with and was willing to listen to what I was looking for and then do his research and report back to me with some serial numbers to look up. These numbers were only available to him since he was a registered jeweler and had the permission to buy from this company. It took me some time but I was able to decide what ring I wanted. The setting was separate from the stone so then next I had to buy the stone.

The process was the same with the stone. Richard would send me numbers and I would look up that specific stone. The way the stones work on Stuller is very complex and it made me love the one I picked even more. The jewelers for Stuller travel the world and hand pick all of their gemstones and once that stone is claimed, that stone is off the market and they will need to go find more stones to sell to buyers. I was looking for a gorgeous, medium sized, peachy-pink stone, and that is what I got!

The Proposal:

Now, time for the day of the event. I was planning my proposal for a while and decided that I would do it over spring break so that we could celebrate with all of our friends after we were engaged. I looked up some cool places in Florida that would be near where we were staying and I decided on the prettiest place I could find. Mounts Botanical Gardens. There was something about this place that I knew would just be so magical. I saw pictures of all the flowers there and decided that this would make for some great pictures. So I got into contact with my sophomore year roommates sister, who lives in Florida, and asked if she would be willing to take some photos of our special day, as she is a photographer and I knew her work would be amazing. The day came and I actually decided to push it back and call if off for that day. I woke up on Sunday ready to get engaged but the weather looked like it was going to rain and so I rescheduled for Wednesday. Wednesday rolled around and my roommate, AJ, and I decided ehhhh we weren’t really feeling all these plants and that we would take a guys day. The girls went ahead and then it was time for action. AJ and I had lied to the girls about our plans so that they would go without us. We followed them to the gardens and waited for them to be inside and out of sight. When the time came we jumped into action and started setting up. The photographer (Mary) and AJ helped me set up some candles and rose pedals under a gazebo in which I would soon be proposing to Nicole under. I also set up a wooden carving of Nicole's new monogrammed initials by the gazebo. It came time and all of my nerves were going haywire. I heard the group of girls getting close and closer and then BAM! Nicole turned the corner and saw me standing under the gazebo and that is when she knew what was about to go down. She came over and was shaking so I gave her a big hug and say “okay stop shaking so I can do this quickly, I’m too excited and nervous to keep waiting.” I went down on one knee, confessed my love to her and asked her to marry me.

Thank you for reading & following along, we are so excited for the next chapter of our lives!

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