We're Engaged! How did that happen?

Hi, guess what? I'm going to change my name! (Can you tell I'm excited?!)


This past week was our spring break, and I had no idea that Connor brought the ring with us to Florida. So here's how it went down...

Rewind to about a month ago when I was almost positive that Connor was planning to propose over spring break, so he devised a plan to convince me that is was happening around Easter. So being the know-it-all that I am, I am tempted to say that I predicted it... but I do have to admit that I had absolutely no idea it was going to happen.

The girls & I had been planning on going to a botanical garden in West Palm Beach, Florida. The boys "didn't want to go" and decided to do other things. So we got ready & went to the garden. We started walking around all through the garden, and then I gave a bit of it away to myself. Connor & I always can see each other's locations for safety & convenience reasons. About 10 minutes before the proposal, I wanted to text him just to see what him & AJ ended up doing. When I went into our messages, I saw that it said that Connor stopped sharing his location with me. I started getting nervous, but I honestly still didn't think that he even brought the ring with him. (He kept on trying to hit that it was going to be right before Easter.)

So I came around a bend and saw a gazebo with Connor and a photographer in it. I, of course, instantly knew what was going on. I walked up & saw the ring immediately because Connor already had the ring box open! After a few hugs to calm the nerves, he got on one knee & asked me to be with him forever!

Then afterwards, we had a little impromptu photoshoot with our friends in the garden. After Connor & I called everyone who needed to know, we went back to Caro's house where we had a mini engagement party & then went out to dinner at UTiki in Jupiter, Florida.

It honestly was an amazing day filled with love & friends.

We did end up taking our engagement photos on the Friday after in a park & on the beach. (I'm glad our photographer, Mary, was able to make me look good even though my face was a sunburned mess!)

So what are our next steps??

We want to have a wedding in May 2018 in Pennsylvania! If you know me, you probably aren't surprised to hear that I have already created 4 new Pinterest boards since the engagement! I need to get a jump on planning since Connor will be away this summer & there are only a few times we will be home in the next year. I am starting my master list of venues and things we need to get done before things get too crazy!

I am excited to take you through my whole journey! I love to plan, so this is a planner's dream (but also a planner's nightmare). So stick with me through the highs & lows of wedding planning experience as we prepare for the rest of our lives together!

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