Learn to Hustle: Time Management Tips

Guess what, you are MINUTES away from a successful lifestyle.. but are you utilizing your minutes for success?!

hustle-watercolorI have always been obsessed with time. Ask any of my good friends or family & they would tell you that I am always on time & make it a priority to be on time. I'm not one of those people who hits snooze a million times, or I am not the person to totally forget about something. To me, making time management needs to be key priority.

  1. Stop saying you "Don't have time".

    A lot of times, we just default to saying "I don't have time." But, this is something I challenged myself at the end of last year to not say anymore. As you have probably heard, we have 1440 minutes in a day. Everyone has the same amount. It's how you spend it that is important. You get to choose what you make a priority. If you want to start your own business, but you're working a full time job, sacrifice your time. If you want to get more fit, but you're working odd hours, sacrifice your time. Everyone can sacrifice something to make something else happen.

  2. Don't be late.

    Being late just tells someone that your time is more important than theirs. You have no idea what they sacrificed to be there on time, but you decided that your excuse was good enough to be late. Remember, you want the people who meet you to know that you are reliable. Make sure that you know how long it takes to drive somewhere & account for traffic! Also, being late normally makes you really stressed. To help your day to run smoothly, be on time so you don't have to sacrifice the rest of your day stressing out.

  3. Use a planner.

    I know this feels so cliche, but it is true. You need a planner. Writing things down & being able to look at it is step 1 to a productive lifestyle. Keep a time schedule & spend the night before or morning planning out your day. This way you won't get to a free time & think "I don't have anything to do." I keep a variety of lists to make sure that I get everything done. It is very important to plan ahead & be aware of what is coming up in the future. (Let me know if you want a review about my new favorite planner.)

  4. Find a schedule that fits.

    For me, I love mornings. Its the time where my brain is the sharpest & when I am the most positive. This means I strive to wake up early enough in the morning to have some time to relax, read, plan, & reflect. I don't want to be rushed in the morning because I then am stressed out the whole rest of the day. I also use this time to accomplish some of my toughest tasks when my brain has the stamina. Figure out how to manipulate your time to figure out how to accomplish everything you need to do. For you, it may be the evening. Make sure to utilize that time in the most productive way.

  5. Take time to educate yourself.

    The only way you will be able to grow is by learning new things. It is very important to take time to educate yourself. Listen to a podcast or TedTalk. Read a book. Teach yourself a new software or strategy for your career. I love listening to podcasts & watching YouTube. I have a handful of podcasts that are super educational for people in the marketing/social media field. This keeps your brain sharp & generating new ideas consistently.

Please please please start treating your time like money. Do not let your time just fly out the window then complain that you do not have time. You can sacrifice & you can change your schedule to get the life that you desire. It takes hustle, but it is always possible.

simply, nicolejoy