We are back for round three!! Obviously, if you are in the Liberty family, you are pursuing some sort of academic path. There are some key tips to navigating the world of academics at LU.

  • Check your DCP Audit consistently: This is where you can view pending & completed classes, grades, & status/GPA, plus you  can even see what it looks like to change your major or add a minor. It may be super overwhelming, especially in the beginning, because you will see a lot of red! But no need to fear, it looks a lot more confusing than it actually is!
  • Accept tutoring: Tutoring may sound scary, but it is could help you through some rough classes, including geneds! LU has some great resources for testing, tutoring, coaching & writing.
  • Get a great planner: I am a list maker, but I still believe that everyone needs a planner. We probably don't want to admit it, but we have all been in the place where our professor or classmate has reminded us about a paper or test the class before its due. SO, get a planner. Everyone has a different setup that they like. This is my personal new favorite.
  • Reach out to your professors: Professors can quickly become one of your best resources for anything. They can give you insight on how to excel in their class, so communicating with them is super important! Now with lecture halls, its a bit hard to get in contact directly with your professor. But, if you are struggling, don't hesitate to reach out to any of your professors. They probably have no idea that you are having a hard time! Your professor may not chase after you if you are getting a D when you are normally a B student. You are responsible for yourself & if you want to bump up a grade, ask them what you can do to change. Asking for help may be hard, but they are normally SUPER helpful in the ways you can least expect it! When it comes to professors in your major, try to get to know them. Get to class a few minutes early & be attentive. Giving your professors this respect will motivate them to help you out when you need it. These professors will help you with class projects, personal questions, advice, letters of recommendations, etc. There is so much you can learn from them!!
  • Go to Registrar: If you need to change a class and online registration is not working right (which happens a lot), just go to registrar (the actual office that is). The advisors here can push you into classes that are full online or help you instantly add your online courses. It seem easier to just log on, but those requests sometimes take forever. By taking the extra time to go in, you will probably get your request in faster.
  • Utilize relationships with older students in your major: Making intentional relationships with people in your major is key. You will be able to get important insight to what classes to take & what to expect as you move forward. They will probably be involved in clubs & jobs that you may want to get into! So keep building your relationships with them!

Thank you all for keeping up with these! Next week will be the fourth & final post on places to go around Liberty/Lynchburg. (Read the two previous posts here & here)