Hello again! I just wanted to thank everyone who was so encouraging about my previous Liberty post! The response was honestly overwhelming. So, as promised, here is the next post of the series. Adjusting to the culture of Liberty is something that may take a bit of adjusting, but it will be well worth it. I cannot wait to rejoin this culture in just two weeks.

  • Driving in Lynchburg is madness: You may have thought that you know how to drive in your hometown, but you will come to Lynchburg and reevaluate that. Basically, Lynchburg is a weird combination of people from all over the states. So, everyone uses their own "driving common sense" that they have developed in their towns. Moral of the story? Trust no one. You cannot predict anyone's driving habits, so do not try to anticipate the way they will drive!
  • 4th Floor of DeMoss: There have been many jokes about the 4th floor because there seems to be no strategy to the way it was numbered. Finding the room you need to go to or the stairwell you need to use may be tricky, even after you have been there for 3 years! A little tip: there is actually a map of DeMoss online to help you not get lost (you may need it for more than just your first week here!).
  • Rain Boots: Rain & construction are two things you can always expect at LU. When it does rain, red mud is everywhere. So to save yourself from some horrendous stains, buy a pair of rainboots! I refused wearing rainboots & ended up ruining multiple pairs of shoes & pants (you wouldn't imagine the amount of water you kick up when walking).

Okay okay, lets pause here..after reading those three points, you may be questioning your enrollment at Liberty, but here comes the better news: 

  • Flames Cash: Your Flames Cash may feel like free money, but don't let it fly away too fast! Keep in mind these key places that take Flames Cash off-campus. You can even fill up your tank with gas at Sheetz for Flames Cash! You are able to use Flames Cash on campus & you will get 15% off all Sodexo retailers. So if you live off campus & you don't have a meal plan, load some cash on your pass and it will save you a bit when you want to grab a bite on campus.
  • Lynchburg is more than Wards Road: Even though Wards Road may seem like it has everything you could ever dream of, the beauty of Lynchburg is beyond Wards Road. There are so many places to explore beyond the retail hotspot of Wards (Get ready for a future post all about things to do in Lynchburg).
  • Find an Outlet: Finding a place outside of school to socialize is a great idea. Church & work are two great places to foster relationships with people outside of Liberty. You would not believe how relieving it is to talk to someone who is NOT a college student sometimes. I remember when I was a sophomore & I worked at the Maurices in Lynchburg. It was so great to be able to talk with people who were wives & mothers. It gave me so much perspective.
  • If invited to Cookout, ALWAYS go to Cookout: You will quickly learn that Cookout is just like an extension of a LU dining hall. Its a melting pot for everyone to meet new people & socialize. Also, the shake options are endless, they have Cheerwine, & they have better ice than Chick-fil-a (just saying).

Stay tuned for next Saturday's post about academics at Liberty U! Hit the follow button to get email updates on when I will be posting next!