Resort Life Lessons


Okay so you're probably thinking, "Nicole, why do I need to learn about a resort?" But in order to have the best time, you do have to learn about the resort lifestyle because its VERY different. This past week I went to Hotel Marina El Cid in Puerto Morelos. So we flew into Cancun, then had about a 30-minute drive to the resort from the airport. The resort you are staying at may be different, but these are some tips we learned throughout our stays at El Cid (PS. we HIGHLY recommend staying here!).Before the trip:

  • PACK WISELY: (read my general packing tips here) You are probably traveling outside of the country and traveling on a plane so packing efficiently is important. For the resort you normally need 3 "types" of outfits for the beach/pool, night/dinners, & casual/workout. Resorts are normally more dressy than just your average beach vacation, so this is the time for floppy hats & sundresses at the pool. You obviously want to bring outfits for touristy things like when we took bikes into the town or to work out. Then lastly, dinners are normally more upscale. There are a few more casual restaurants at our resort, but the fancier ones are more fun. This doesn't mean cocktail dresses, but this is when you should break out that cute romper or fun dress that you've gotten (while trying to cover your sunburned face with foundation). Lastly, ask ahead of time what toiletries are provided. Our resort provides amazing organic shampoo and conditioners with handmade soaps and loofas. (Can you see why we love this place?!) So we don't have to even worry about packing that stuff.
  • MANAGE WITHOUT A PHONE: Everything is on our phones nowadays, but when it comes to crunch time, its so hard to find things. Plus, you may not have service or it may be dead! I always try to have a cheat sheet of information (passport number, flight numbers, confirmation codes, logins, etc). This way you don't have to fumble around with your passport or boarding pass when you could easily lose it! Also, this is key for transportation. When I got out of the Cancun airport, I was in a sea of people trying to find my shuttle to the resort. It was good to know before that the people from El Cid would be wearing a blue shirt & khaki pants. Your phone won't tell you those important details!
  • LOOK UP ACTIVITY IDEAS: It is good to know what restaurants you want to go to and what activities you want to partake in that way you don't have to smush them to the end of the week. So survey the options and allow your group to start thinking about what they will want to do. We found out that the second largest coral reef was just off the beach from our resort, so we took a speedboat out for snorkeling in the morning. We took a bike tour into the town of Puerto Morelos, and we did a full day excursion to see Tulum, snorkel in cenotes, and ATV through the jungle (We would highly recommend these activities if you go to a similar area). The next on our list to do when we go back is zip-lining. TripAdvisor is a GREAT resource to use to really get a good idea of what your resort will be like.

During the Trip:

  • TAKE A TOUR OF YOUR RESORT: There are so many amenities that you may not know about that you can see on a tour. (You may feel lame for a minute, but it's good to know the layout of your resort). There are normally different pools, bars, jacuzzis, restaurants, & snack stations to check out in areas that you may have never even thought existed! One of the bars at our resort offers smoothies & juices every day before 10am. Nothing is better than a fresh juice on the beach in the morning.
  • TRY NEW FOODS: It is great to be at an all inclusive because you get to try whatever, and you don't have to worry about the price tag on the dish you decided you didn't like. This trip, I discovered how much I liked asparagus & goat cheese!
  • TRY TO AVOID BINGING AT EVERY MEAL: Yes, I just told you to try new things, but try to not binge eat or drink.  Chips, bread, soda, cocktails, & dessert are all great to enjoy, but in moderation. This isn't just because of caloric intake, but also because you can't be in a food coma all day. Just because the food is free doesn't mean the calories are also. Try snacking on just fruit or veggies to stay light & energized. Plus, its so easy to get sick while traveling & being in a new climate. Keep up on your vitamin C & water!
  • STAY ACTIVE: Exercise & vacation are NOT mutually exclusive. Getting a workout in can help boost your mood & your immune system, plus it helps you burn some calories from your previous meal! We all know how hard it is to get back in the gym after a week of not being active, so even if it's just going on a 20 minute walk, an ab circuit in your room,  water aerobics (our resort offers these almost daily), kayaking, or biking. Anything to possibly get your heart rate up & get some blood pumping! It will honestly help you feel even better!
  • DRAFT YOUR WEEK SCHEDULE: Don't make finalized plans, but try to get an idea of what the week will look like. Its the worst to get to the last few days & be stuck trying to squeeze things in!

I know that was a lot of information in one post, but take it in & apply it as needed!