YOUR GUIDE TO LIBERTY: Relationships & Hall Life


Whether you are an incoming freshman or returning back to Liberty University for another year, you can probably relate to having a million questions about the culture of LU. Hopefully, some of your questions will be answered throughout this series. A few other students & I have decided to share with you some tidbits of advice to help you through your year. This series will include topics like Places to Visit in Lynchburg, Academics, Quick Tips, & more. In this first segment, we will discuss some of the best pieces of advice for relationship building & maintaining your new social calendar! Relationships & Hall Life

  • Try to attend prayer groups & hall activities: When arriving to your hall on move-in day, you will quickly be introduced to your RA, SLC, and Prayer Leaders. (A quick run down: RA=Resident Assistant aka in charge of all of the logistics while you are on their hall / SLC=Spiritual Life Coach aka in charge of helping you walk through the semester and plans hall activities / Prayer Leader=hosts a group of girls from the hall every week in a Bible Study and accountabilities) On a typical hall, there are 2 RAs, 2 SLCs, and maybe 6-10 prayer leaders. Each student on a hall is designated to a prayer group. So they will have a person that is consistently seeking them out to make sure everything is going well & to see if they can help them with anything. I was a prayer leader during my sophomore year & it was an amazing experience. Some were incoming freshman, and some were graduating seniors. It was awesome to see the relationships grow throughout the year. Hall meeting is every Wednesday night at 10pm. It is normally 20-30 minutes and it is mandatory. After hall meeting is when prayer groups meet. These are not mandatory, but like I have said before, they are a really good place to meet people and talk to your prayer leader. It is extremely important to at least take the first month to try to be very active on your hall. Just going to events and spending time to mingle with people on your hall will instantly give you a chance to make new friends. Getting to know your hall was one of the most highly advised of all of the students that gave advice.
  • Crying is allowed: This may seem funny when you read it, but if you’ve been there, you know how it feels. Especially if you are a freshman, you will be away from home for the first time, in a new place, meeting brand new people, and in new classes. Sometimes, everything just seems too overwhelming. It’s okay to let out these emotions. That is why your hall leadership exists. They want to provide a safe space for you to be able to process what emotions you are feeling. Don’t box up those feelings because they will come back to haunt you!
  • Intramural sports/pick-up games: A fun way to get involved outside of hall activities. Intramurals operate during different seasons and some even have different skill levels. This is a cool way to meet new people while staying active and competitive.
  • Campus Community: This is a church service lead by Liberty on Wednesday nights. It used to be held in TRBC, but is now held in the Vines Center. Campus Community is an amazing place to get involved with your hall leadership. Normally, they will promote a place where you all can sit together with your brother dorm. David Nasser is normally the main preacher, with a few guest speakers that will come into town.
  • Stay tidy: At LU, we have “cleanliness checks” every time there is convocation (normally MWF). These checks look different depending on what style housing you live in. If you live on the Hill or the Circle, you will have to tidy your floor, make your bed, take out the trash, and clean the sink/mirror. For more apartment style living on east or the quads, you are in charge of making your bed, tidying, taking out trash in the room and kitchen, cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. (This may sound like a lot, but it’s normally split between 8-10 girls so you will all have a task.) In the Commons,  you are basically responsible to keep  your whole room & bathroom tidy. So, keeping as tidy as possible helps so much when you realize at 10:15am on Monday that you have 15 minutes to clean & go to Convo! Plus, it helps keep your roommates happy.
  • It's okay to eat alone: Going to grab a bite alone may feel like social suicide when you're a freshman, but as you get older, it just becomes part of your schedule. Sometimes you may even bump into another friend eating alone or have the chance to ask a classmate to go eat with you after class! I have made some great relationships by just asking some classmates to go grab lunch.
  • Only Girls LU: I would recommend asking to join a Facebook page called "Only Girls LU". It's a site that allows girls from Liberty to sell things, ask questions, share prayer requests, & post important information (I actually asked the girls on there for some of their advice). This site can really help when you need anything!

That wraps up this segment! If there is anything that you still have a question about, or advice to leave, please comment it below!