How are uber & airbnb changing the way we trust strangers?

  simplyPPUber & Airbnb have revolutionized the way we live our lives. But the interesting idea to note is that these companies are just bringing us back to the ways of our grandparents. More companies like this will emerge over the next few years to change the way we live day to day. (Sidenote: I personally have not yet had the change to utilize Airbnb, but I have heard many stories about how it has changed the way people vacation.)

So, before you read any further, please watch these two TEDTalks to learn about the history of these companies:

We have been raised to support ourselves and to think that everyone around us is skeptical (#strangerdanger). We would think that carpooling with our neighbor is weird, or that sleeping in someone's house when they were away was even weirder. But now, we are discovering ways to understand each other better and live in a more positive way. Our society has become so individualistic, that we often forget how much we can learn from others. Both of these companies also allow people to step up and find different ways to make a livelihood besides their typical job. On the other hand, these companies have had some roadblocks due to laws and regulations. Uber is highly competitive with local taxis and Airbnb is stealing business from other hotels.

Our world has carpooled and stayed in each other's houses before, but the only difference is that these companies now thrive on internet communication. I love how Joe Gebba talked specifically about how they have designed their website to encourage positive conversations by even recommending length of responses between guests and homeowners. Uber and Airbnb have both capitolized on the idea we love to make money in our off time and we can easily become comfortable with new people if they are recommended or somehow "certified".

Do you think our society is revolutionizing or just reverting back to what worked in the past? How do you think our culture will change from here?



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