Pack for Success


If I've learned one thing about being a college student, its that I am never really living in one home for an extended period of time. Whether I was moving into my dorm for the first time, moving to my apartment, or just coming home for a month, each time I packed, I had to pack differently. Packing can be a pain. Even though I love to pack, I know most people dread it. Maybe the reason I love it is because of my "system".

  1. Pack a bag for just a few days. I especially reccommend this if you are moving in somewhere. Say you are moving to a new apartment, allow yourself a few days to be able to unpack by just packing a small bag with a few outfits and essentials for those days. This way, you aren't rummaging through many bags or boxes when you first arrive.
  2. Know your essentials. Everyone knows the standard toothbrush & toothpaste essentials, but sometimes we forget things we use everyday. I always have a toiletry bag packed with my "mini" essentials: shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, dry shampoo, etc. This way, whether I am going somewhere overnight, or for a little while, I can just grab this toiletry bag and it is ready to go.
  3. Keep various activities in mind. One time, I came home from college for the weekend & my family wanted to go on a spontaneous hike. I didn't even think to bring workout clothes or running sneakers on my trip, & I instantly regretted it. Always try to bring an exercise outfit or an outfit & an outfit for a nice dinner out.
  4. Always make a list. Even if you aren't a list-maker, you should learn to be. Sometimes, the only list I make when packing is a post-it note telling me what to pack before I leave. Many times that list consists of items like: pillow, water bottle, chargers, etc. Normally you are leaving in a rush or its too early in the morning to even function. This list ensures that you will remember the things you can't pack at the time.

Just a few tips to help you on your next trip! Don't let your next vacation or weekend away become a pain because of the packing. What are your strategies when you pack?