hello, i'm nicole.

Welcome to the secret details about my life that it would normally take you many questions tbarnheadshot2o find out about me. But now, as a gift to you, I will reveal 20 of the thing that the people closest to me probably make fun of me for.

  1. I love horses; you can’t say you love me until you’ve seen Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

  2. I am the snack QUEEN.

  3. I would much rather consume all of my daily calories in liquids than solids.

  4. I used to have several speech impediments and still stutter when I get excited or nervous.

  5. Gossip Girl, Gray’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, and Friends are my favorite TV shows of all time.

  6. My primary job since I was 16 years old was nannying other people’s children and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  7. I’m a total morning person.

  8. I like high intensity workouts, but only in moderation.

  9. I’m an ESFJ – a total caretaker in every way.

  10. I’m a middle child, through and through.

  11. I’m the opposite of a germaphobe – I am often found pumping gas without shoes on and I hate showering.

  12. Even though my father’s a doctor and my mother’s a nurse, I’m terrified of needles.  Both times I’ve gotten my ears pierced, I’ve thrown up and/or fainted.  I’ve been known to get nauseous if I even THINK I smell rubbing alcohol.

  13. Breakfast foods are my favorite – fruit, iced coffee, waffles, egg sandwiches are always my necessities.

  14. I cannot live without dry shampoo and my Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser.

  15. I am deathly afraid of garden gnomes.

  16. Starbucks is bae. I have been a gold card member since 2012. My go to order is a Venti Iced Coffee with 8 pumps of classic sweetener and whole milk. If I’m feeling frisky I will do a half cool lime half strawberry acai with 2 pumps of sweetner, of course.

  17. If you haven’t been able to tell by this time, I am a sugar junkie.

  18. I am in a committed relationship with my 11-year-old yellow lab, Duke.

  19. I have super thick, wavy hair – growing up my dad used to call me Wolfboy and my mom broke hairbrushes trying to detangle it.

  20. I have an endless supply of tumblers. You may not even recognize me if I don’t have a drink.

Can anyone relate to at least one of my random secrets? & if you could tell a stranger 20 things about yourself, what would you say?